Saturday, October 16, 2010


China has a great influence on today's fashion, and the looks you see on the runway. Especially after the recession hit, more and more people tend to spend less on luxury goods and set sights to their home grown designers. Take for example, Luo Zheng, who was the first designer to bring out a Chinese fashion dress to Fashion Week in NY in 2009! Flowing, ethereal prints, and  gowns with Chinese silk stood out to viewers around the world. Luo Zheng compares her gowns to a blossoming flower, with soft pink, yellow, and lilac accents.

Stephane SOH, another amazing designer is known for her eccentric and embellished China-inspired coats and jackets. She mixes and edgy, modern style with a more classic, cultural-based one, and the result; some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing seeing on the runway yet.

These up and coming designers are making head-waves in the fashion world with their original pieces. It is amazing to see the impact these designers have on the fashion-world, and are taking it by storm.

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