Friday, December 3, 2010


When people think of fashion, a country like Australia doesn't usually come to mind, this is mainly due tot he fact that larger, more fashion-driven countries over-shadow small ones like Australia! That's not to say, however, that Australia doesn't have a unique style of its own, which it clearly does. Similar to European fashion, it also has a modern approach and fashion-forward styles. The one main difference is that when comparing European fashion to that of Australian it can be said that Australia takes a more casual approach, as opposed to the hard-edge of European fashion.
Many of Australia's designers have been inspired by cultural influences. When I personally think of Australia I think of a laid-back lifestyle, with a lot of naturalistic qualities. A very tranquil place!
A more detailed look at three well-known Australian fashion designers are as follows:

Wayne Cooper:
Wayne Cooper combines beautiful soft palette's with pops of bright colors into his designs. Creating a chic-edgy look with a mix of flowing subtlety.

Collette Dinnigan:
Collete Fall/Winter 2010 collection is absolutely stunning. Integrating leather, and lace with a palette of black and dark blues creates an edgy rock-glam style that is absolutely gorgeous for this season!

Easton Pearson:
No matter what season, Easton Pearson is all about those vibrant fun colors to lighten up anyone's mood. Easton is all about showing off beautiful tribal colors that is beyond any other designer known to date!

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