Tuesday, December 14, 2010


After doing some research I found out that Greece is ranked one of the highest on the top 10 fashionable countries in the world!.. who knew!? .. don't get me wrong, I think Greece is beautiful and is on my bucket list of places to visit, but high in fashion, I honestly didn't see that coming!
After digging even further I found a few Greek designers that play a huge role to Greece's fashion!
The first designer is Andria Papadopoulu (definitely a Greek name)  and after looking at her website I can see why she is such a huge icon and has made a name in fashion! In the spirit of winter I looked mroe closely at her winter collection which is absolutely stunning. She combined an edgy-rock vibe with flowy, Greece-like gowns in her collection to make a really unique palette of clothing. Her Winter 2010 collection consists of colors of blacks, silver, gold, white, and metallics which are mixed well to create the perfect piece of clothing. For more info, and the Winter 2010 gallery visit: http://www.adria.gr/

Elena Vorrea is another great example of a Greek designer who is well known for designing beautiful gowns and dresses of all sorts.

And finally Makis Tselios who is well-known for his haute couture and  wedding dresses collection

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